3. Learning to be at home is not easy, whether it’s being at home in one’s own skin or in the time and place in which we find ourselves. In our restless, striving American culture, in an age of radical change and redefinition, the very concept of home is under assault. In so many ways, we are spiritually homeless.

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  6. Soul over Ego


    • You become Virtuous over Sin.
    • Intuition assists Instinct.
    • Light is created by Darkness. 


    • You become Sinful over Virtue.
    • Instinct overrides Intuition.
    • Darkness is created by Light. 

    Keeping Your Ego inside allows Your Soul to Shine. 

    Be Light


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  7. Light and Death

    The body is Light and Death. 

    The mind is Darkness and Innovative. 

    When Darkness and Death are together

    Chaos Rules. 

    When Light and Innovation is together. 

    Love Rules

    Use Your mind to become perfect within Your meditation. 

    Imagine Yourself as a Tree of Life 

    and ‘The Tree of Life’. 

    Perfection resides within Geometry. 

    Chaos resides within Life. 

    Follow the Chaos to remove Your Darkness. 

    When You remove Darkness, replace it with Light

    The Flower of Life is within You. 

    Start opening Your Flowers.  


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  8. Elements of Mind/Body/Spirit.

    Water is Thought,

    Water purifies the Earth.

    Earth is Body,

    Earth resides within Air.

    Air is Spirit,

    Air stokes the Fire .

    Fire is Soul,

    Fire give the Heat to help You grow. 

    Water cools the Heat to allow growth. 

    Water is Energy. 

    Water becomes Body

    Body becomes Thought.

    You are Infinity,

    You create The Light.


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